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Other features of textmessaging such as abbreviations and manipulations of spellings are freely used because senders and receivers are individuals, rather than business organisations.
In this scenario the largely uninvasive (and rapidly proliferating) forms of communication such as textmessaging and emailing between lessons appear to be invaluable links between professor and student.
An inflammation of the tendons in the thumb caused by constant textmessaging is also called text-messager”s thumb, or texting tenosynovitis.
Through its services and mobile apps, the company helps users manage various group activities with the assistance of email, textmessaging, and other features.
The contest currently uses fan voting, via textmessaging, to determine the winner of the final round.
Applications include vehicle telemetry information, textmessaging remote workers, maintaining up-to-date driver logs, and the remote management and control of fixed assets.
The phone lines may have been running at capacity that made a near-tie inevitable, with the winner potentially decided by textmessaging which was unaffected by capacity problem.
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an electronic device, usually worn on the wrist, that is designed to record information about your physical fitness and activity, for example your heart rate and how many steps you have walked

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