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Partnership Company Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Partnership Trong Tiếng Việt

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Partnership (Econ) Bên tham gia; Hội chung vốn.

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partnership /”pɑ:tnəʃip/ danh từ
sự chung thân hội, công tyenter into partnership with: cùng chung phần với; cùng nhập hội vớito take someone into partnership: cho ai nhập hội, nhận ai vào công tychung phầnhộipartnership share: cổ phần lập hộiliên hiệp xí nghiệpLĩnh vực: hóa học & vật liệusự chung phầnindustrial partnershipcông ty công nghiệplimited liability partnershipcông ty trách nhiệm hữu hạnpartnership sharecổ phần lập công tychung phầncông tygeneral partnership: công ty hợp doanh thườnglimited partnership: công ty hợp doanh hữu hạnlimited partnership: công ty hùn vốnlimited partnership: công ty hợp doanhlimited partnership: công ty hợp tưpartnership accounts: tài khoản công typartnership agreement: hợp đồng lập công typartnership agreement: khế ước công tyreal-estate partnership: công ty địa ốcspecial partnership: công ty góp vốn cổ phầntrading partnership: công ty hợp tác thương mạitrading partnership: công ty hợp nhân thương mạiunlimited partnership: công ty hợp tư (trách nhiệm) vô hạnunlimited partnership: công ty hợp tư (trách nhiệm vô hạn)hiệp hộiindustrial partnership: hiệp hội chủ thợsự chung phầnsự hợp tácordinary partnership: sự hợp tác vốn thông thườngsự hùn vốnpartnership at will: sự hùn vốn thật sựcommercial partnershiphội buôn hùn vốncommercial partnershiphợp tác làm ăncommercial partnershipsự liên kết thương mạideed of partnershipđiều lệ quản lý hội buôn chung vốndeed of partnershipkhế ước hùn vốndeed of partnershipvăn bản lập hội buôndissolution of a partnershiprã hùndissolution of a partnershipsự giải tán quan hệ hợp tácenter into a partnership with (to…)hùn hạp với (người nào)enter into a partnership with (to…)quan hệ hợp tác vớiequipment leasing partnershiphội hợp doanh cho thuê thiết bịfamily partnershipsự chung vốn của gia tộcgeneral partnershiphãng buôn trách nhiệm vô hạn. general partnershiphội buôn hợp danh vô hạnillegal partnershiphội buôn bất hợp phápindustrial partnershipsự hợp doanh công nghiệpinformal partnershiphội buôn góp vốn phi chính thứcjoint partnershipcùng hợp tácjoint partnershipsự cùng hợp tácjoint partnershipsự cùng hùn hạpleonine partnershipquan hệ chung vốn giành phần hơnlimited partnershiphãng buôn trách nhiệm hữu hạnlimited partnershiphội buôn hợp danh hữu hạn o hội, công ty o sự chung phần, sự tham gia công ty § general partnership : công ty thương mại (danh nghĩa tập thể) § industrial partnership : công ty công nghiệp § limited liability partnership : công ty trách nhiệm giới hạn § qualified partnership : hợp đồng ủy thác (giữa các hội viên cho một hội viên làm người điều hành trong hợp đồng thăm dò một diện tích)

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Từ điển Collocation

partnership noun

ADJ. close | limited | effective, good, great, successful | working We are trying to develop a working partnership between local schools and industries. | unique | equal an equal partnership of men and women in government | international, multinational | business

VERB + PARTNERSHIP have | create, establish, form, set up (in) | enter into, go into The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation. | take sb into We took him into partnership in 2002. | work in We shall be working in close partnership with our Japanese clients. | break up

PARTNERSHIP + NOUN agreement, arrangement

PREP. in ~ with They are in partnership with Apex software. | ~ between a partnership between the university and local colleges | ~ in She has a partnership in the business. | ~ of a unique partnership of private companies and trade unions | ~ with a partnership with an American firm More information about ORGANIZATION
ORGANIZATION: create, establish, form, found, set up, start ~
an association created to promote local industry The company was founded in 1981.

dissolve ~ (often law) She sought a court order to have the partnership dissolved.

run ~ He runs an accountancy firm.

manage ~ The executive committee manages the group on a day-to-day basis.

be/become a member of, join ~ She became a member of the Society of Arts.

leave ~ The country plans to leave the organization.


the members of a business venture created by contracta cooperative relationship between people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal

effective language learning is a partnership between school, teacher and student

the action teams worked in partnership with the government

a contract between two or more persons who agree to pool talent and money and share profits or losses

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. The settings on a desktop computer and Windows CE device that allow information to be synchronized, as well as copied or moved between the computer and device. The mobile device can have partnerships with up to two desktop computers. See also synchronization (definition 6).

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Bloomberg Financial Glossary

合伙|合伙商行|合伙经营合伙;合伙商行;合伙经营Shared ownership among two or more individuals, some of whom may, but do not necessarily, have limited liability with respect to obligations of the group. See: General partnership, limited partnership, and master limited partnership.

Investopedia Financial Terms

A business organization in which two or more individuals manage and operate the business. Both owners are equally and personally liable for the debts from the business.

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Partnership doesn”t always mean two people. There are many large partnerships who have thousands of partners.
Co-borrowerConsortiumDUNS NumberJoint VentureLimited Partnership – LPSole ProprietorshipStrategic Alliance

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