CLA offices and facilities are open for business và are operating according to lớn local government regulations và CLA internal safety protocols.

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A tradition of excellence combined with a company-wide culture of unmatched customer service is what has made COSCO SHIPPING Logistics (North America) the world’s leading provider of third buổi tiệc ngọt logistics. With services that reach all parts of North America and resources that circle the globe, CLA offers customized solutions ready khổng lồ meet the widest variety of supply chain challenges. With one call, just one point of liên hệ, CLA will move sầu your cargo lớn virtually any point worldwide through a network of strategically placed warehouses, intermodal services và specialized vendors that meet CLA’s stringent standards for customer service, integrity, tốc độ and efficiency. CLA provides true peace of mind, with a full suite of electronic services that allow tracking, tracing & monitoring of each shipment. CLA is particularly noted for its extensive and unparalleled experience in moving cargo to lớn any point in Đài Loan Trung Quốc via rail, truông xã or barge. Managed through three hundred local offices, CLA has the expertise, routes, warehousing và distribution services that extover throughout Asia and the Far East.


With locations at major hubs that each offer more than 50,000 square feet of food-grade storage, alarmed & sprinklered, và with drive-in doors for indoor loading, CLA can provide warehousing & distribution services that help you move hàng hóa door-to-door from manufacturer khổng lồ customer, supplier to lớn retailer on time, safely & securely.

COSCO SHIPPING Logistics (North America) CLA is a licensed and bonded NVOCC with global ocean and air resources, offering inbound and outbound service from every major carrier. Integrated services allow delivery door-to-door for all types of cargo, including all intermodal requirements at either over, including, rail, truck or barge.

CLA offers decades of experience providing domestic Ramp-to-Ramp ISO container staông xã train service, with highly competitive sầu incentive-based rates sourcing COSCO SHIPPING ISO containers. Multiple full service warehouse capabilities near strategic hubs & ports. Third Party line haul services available for container asset providing shippers.

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No matter how big, how complicated or how quality your project cargo is, CLA can move it quickly, cost-efficiently, và smoothly. Specialties include heavy lift or over-dimensional, valuable & delicate, out-of-gauge or over-weight cargo, và dry bulk commodities. CLA has the national and international resources, unmatched experience và chất lượng problem-solving skills necessary lớn move sầu specialized cargo anywhere, worldwide.

In addition to lớn our relationship with hundreds of capable, safety conscience carriers serving all major rail hubs, ports và cities in North America, CLA"s subsidiary trucking company is one of the top container drayage companies in North America. With over 400 owner operators we’re moving more than 10,000 containers per month. Located cchiến bại lớn major market hubs, CLA has operations in Wilmington, CA (Long Beach / Los Angeles), Chicago, Dallas, Charleston, Savannah, và Atlanta.
Putting Customer Service First

It"s no surprise that in an environment that rewards experience và fosters initiative và innovation that many of CLA"s employees & management have sầu been with the company since its inception in 1996. Our people are the very best at the science và art of logistics và enjoy doing it day in, day out. Concern for the customer is made obvious by the way our staff takes pride and a personal interest with a hands-on approach to making sure the customer"s cargo moves with expediency & cost efficiency.

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Logistics is truly a relationship business. With long associations with our customers and trust in our service partners, CLA is known for the ability to simplify và streamline the process of moving goods around the corner or around the world.

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