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One example of this, which has to date only been explored at local school level, is bilingual/immersion education.
In particular, she explores the tensions between her preferred “democratic” teaching style, and her moral or ethical views.
The time pressure p translates into an internal threshold which determines how far a local search path is explored.
The aphoristic nature of most of the tracks, however, precluded much depth in exploring this duality.
He also discussed specific spatial effects exploring spatial separation in conjunction with timbral similarities and differences.
Using agency-based modelling techniques, they have developed a computerised neural network for exploring the rationale for such inhibitory processes in the brain.
He explores the dynamic between his concert and installation works, and extends the journey by discussing the “theatricality of minimalism”.
The author avoids such issues as the structure of the organization and the social base of its constituency, which have been explored elsewhere.

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keşfetmek, inceleme/araştırma yapmak, karar vermeden önce derinlemesine araştırmak/incelemek…

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a device that uses lenses to make very small objects look larger, so that they can be scientifically examined and studied

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