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Skirting Board Level Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Board Level Trong

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I saw that the column on which the staircase ended was not adequately fixed to the skirting board at the bottom of the stairs.
This is particularly useful when fitting flooring along a skirting board, cutting the skirting to allow the board to slide under for a neat finish.
The skirting board (base board) under the window was very low, giving the illusion that the leap was higher than it was.
Pattresses may be designed for either surface mounting (with cabling running along the wall surface) or for embedding in the wall or skirting board.
The caterpillars feed on organic detritus that accumulates indoors, e.g. behind skirting boards and other similar places.
The second floor contains four bedrooms, in which there are closets on either side of a fireplace, and simple wood skirting boards and door frames.
All prefabs under the housing act came pre-decorated in magnolia, with gloss-green on all additional wood, including the door trimmings and skirting boards.
The 1867 block has warm air grilles in the skirting boards, and the heating was probably provided by a boiler.
The walls of the drawing hall, next to the outer hall, were very elegantly furnished with satin fabrics featuring buttoned braiding at the skirting boards.
The house was heated by hot air channelled through brass grilles in the skirting boards from seven stoves in the basement.

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Second fix work, the construction of items such as skirting boards, architraves, and doors also comes under carpentry.
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a pair of tubes with glass lenses at either end that you look through to see things far away more clearly

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